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Dr. Sebastian Castelli, D.A.C.N.B., has dedicated his life to helping patients who are suffering from confusing and painful conditions. Patients all over Northeast Florida have been helped tremendously by Dr. Castelli's approach to healing. From Celiac Disease to Thyroid Disorders to Insomnia, Dr. Castelli believes in taking a full-body systemic approach to finding the root of the problem, and offering treatment options that change lives.



DeeDee is excited and amazed at the weight loss results she has gotten with our office. As a side effect from her new diet, her hair has gotten darker and less gray!

Kyle tells us about his struggles with chronic migraines and lower back pain since he was a teenager, and how Dr. Castelli has finally brought him relief.

Julie has made great progress and shares her experience with Dr. Castelli. She has suffered with chronic pain, numbness and weight issues, which all have improved since starting care with us.

My neck pain and headaches tremendously improved from Dr. C's chiropractic care. His nutritional and lifestyle advice improved my other symptoms and helped me lose 20 pounds that i gained from previous steroid medications. He is very kind, educated, understanding, and easy to talk to. He was not only my doctor, but my friend as well.–Nicole Kuhn

When I started seeing Dr. Castelli, I had unbearable burning sensation and stiffness in my right foot the prevented me from bending it. We found that my blood pressure was higher on my right arm than it was on the left and had poor oxygen levels on my right foot. After numerous tests, we also found I was sensitive to gluten. After a few months of diet and therapy, I was able to bend my toes at will and the burning sensation has subsided. Changing my diet and regular therapy has let me function at a higher level than before I started seeing him.–Jan Downin

Under Dr. Castelli's care and guidance, I was able to modify harmful habits that were compromising my health and condition. He is an extremely patient doctor, thoughtful, reassuring diligent, and expresses a keen interest in the management of my health and continued well-being.–Rich Neukranz

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