Clinical Nutrition

 Dr. Castelli's Clinical Nutrition ApproachIn order to provide you with the most specific and individual advice regarding your nutrition, we run a very comprehensive blood panel. Our standard panel consists of over 60 different markers checking the function of the thyroid, inflammation, blood sugar, immune system, liver, kidney, adrenal glands, digestion, and more.  From this we will develop a specific nutritional program to help return your body to its natural, healthy state. This will help keep you from spending money on nutritional products that you do not need.

In our office, we implement functional blood chemistry analysis.  This is different from both traditional nutrition approaches and traditional blood chemistry analysis.  The reason being, when traditional lab values are used to determine if a patient’s results are in healthy range, they are being done a huge disservice!  Lab companies use the data from the patients seen each year to determine their “normal” lab values via a bell curve analysis.  The problem with this approach is that most of these numbers are being submitted by an unhealthy population of sick people what are trying to determine what is wrong with them.

Functional lab values are derived from a healthy population with a clean bill of health.  When the lab numbers are analyzed from these people, the ranges narrow considerably on a lot of these lab values.  So when someone who is suffering with illness gets their blood drawn, often blood test resultsthey will have numbers that are within the traditional lab range, but out of the functional range.

Once we receive the data from the blood tests, we are then able to use foods, herbs, and other nutritional compounds to better supply fuel and provide delivery of necessary nutrients to the body’s cells. You will only be as healthy as your cells are. By analyzing your blood results we can uncover patterns of dysfunction and address them before they become serious issues or diseases, if they have not already.  Very often we have uncovered anemia, cholesterol problems, metabolic syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, inflammation, blood sugar problems, digestive issues, etc.