We performa variety of non-invasive tests to determine the exact cause, and treat it effectively.

We performa variety of non-invasive tests to determine the exact cause, and treat it effectively.


Metabolic Treatments Based on Specific Lab Panels:

By using specific blood tests such as:

#1: A thyroid panel
#2: A complete metabolic panel (CMP)
#3: A lipid panel
#4: A CBC (complete blood chemistry with auto differential)

We can assess your thyroid, adrenal glands and liver, with the above lab tests. All can be affected by chronic health conditions.

By addressing any problems with your thyroid, adrenal glands, blood chemistry, or gut function, we can help you to heal faster. The CMP also allows us to check your blood glucose levels since glucose and oxygen are needed by the brain to function properly.

#5: Sensitivity Testing: Blood work with Cyrex Labs to determine if you have a sensitivity to gluten (wheat, rye, oats, and barley), milk, eggs, yeast, soy and many more. If you are sensitive to ANY of these food groups, it could be making your condition worse as it will increase inflammation in your brain and throughout your body! If you have the following symptoms, you could be suffering from a food sensitivity:

  • Chronic pain or fatigue
  • Frequent indigestion
  • Bloated after eating
  • Frequent loose bowel movements
  • Constipation
  • Mouth ulcers or sores
  • Vomit often

The only way to find out of you are suffering from any of these sensitivities is to run the test.

#6: Adrenal Stress Index (ASI): We can further test your adrenal glands with a test called an Adrenal Stress Index. This is a salivary test much like DNA testing. Your adrenal glands are your “stress” organs, meaning that they react to stress. If you have been or are currently under stress, this test is a must!
IF YOU SUFFER FROM INSOMNIA, THIS TEST WILL MEASURE YOUR CORTISOL LEVELS. When your body’s cortisol levels are abnormal, you will suffer from insomnia. Cortisol levels can be corrected via specific nutritional protocols thereby eliminating your insomnia.

#7: Autoimmune Disorders: We may test to see if you have an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is where your immune system attacks a particular area of the body (nervous system, joints, connective tissue, thyroid, etc.) so we test for specific antibodies to determine if you suffer from an autoimmune condition.
For Example: Many chronic pain/chronic fatigue patients have tested positive for thyroid antibodies and they were actually mis-diagnosed. If your thyroid tissue anti-bodies (TPO &TBG) are high, you may be suffering from Hashimoto’s disease. The only way to find out is to test for thyroid tissue antibodies via blood work.

Your immune system could be attacking your nervous system which would cause pain and numbness. The ONLY way to know is to run the test.

If you suffer from tissue antibodies, further blood work will be needed to determine which part of your immune system is not functioning. Specifically…
#8: H.Pylori: We can run a test for H. Pylori bacteria (I found this on myself!) to determine any problems related to the gut function. Initially, we run a Stool Test which not only tells us about H. Pylori, but also reveals other bacterial problems, dysbiosis, fungal and yeast overgrowth, and even parasite. Metametrix uses DNA analysis, so this is much more in-depth and sensitive than typical stool tests performed at your local diagnostic labs.
#9: Intestinal Permeability: Used to determine if the patient suffers from leaky gut syndrome (LGS).
LGS or Leaky gut syndrome describes a condition of altered or damaged bowel lining, caused by antibiotics, toxins, poor diet, parasites or infection can lead to increased permeability of the gut wall to toxins, microbes, undigested food, waste or larger than normal macromolecules. It has been proposed that these substances affect the body directly, while others postulate an immune reaction to these substances. Again, Cyrex Labs is the best out there for this procedure.

#11: HORMONE PANELS: We can check hormone panels to determine if the patient suffers from low testosterone in males or low estrogen/progesterone levels in females. Symptoms related to decreased hormone levels may include depression, fatigue, mental fogginess, mood swings, hot flashes, sweating attacks, weight gain, and decreased physical stamina.

#12: INFLAMMATION: Finally, we may need to test for inflammation in your system by testing homocysteine levels and C-Reactive Protein (C-RP). Many patients suffering from chronic health conditions suffer from inflammatory processes. Just about every fibromyalgia patient that I have treated suffers from some form of chronic inflammatory process.

GLUTATHIONE: We use Glutathione in our treatment of ALL chronic conditions. Glutathione is the “mother-load” of anti-oxidants. Glutathione cannot be taken orally in pill form as the body will not absorb it. We have seen miraculous changes in patients as a result of our specific glutathione protocols. Glutathione is especially helpful with autoimmune diseases.

Neurological Treatments Based on Specific Neurological Testing:

Oxygen uptake: Oxygen is fuel for your brain and nervous system. Your brain and nervous system need two things to survive…..fuel and activation. Fuel comes in the form of OXYGEN AND GLUCOSE. By using oxygen, we will help you heal faster. By using therapies that can increase oxygen uptake we can increase firing to brain. By increasing firing of brain, we help MANY chronic conditions.

Brain-Based Therapy (BBT): We use specific brain-based therapy such as:
Vibration Therapy: Vibration fires the back part of the brain called the cerebellum. One of the functions of the cerebellum is control of the spinal muscles.
We may also use visual stimulation such as Hemi-Stim:

Auditory, olfactory, and caloric stimulation
are also used to increase firing of brain.
Specific eye exercises are employed to strengthen specific pathways and parts of the brain.
Rebuilder®: The ReBuilder® treats all kinds of pain such as: MS, restless leg syndrome, MD, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, idiopathic neuropathy, polyneuropathy, chemo induced neuropathy, Charcot Marie-Tooth, and piriformis entrapment syndrome.
The ReBuilder® is the primary system used in cancer hospitals for their patients with pain from neuropathy. The ReBuilder was to be proven 96% effective in a study with over 3,000 doctors.

Laser therapy: Laser therapy helps heal tissues via the following mechanisms:
Accelerated cell reproduction
Reduced recovery time
Reduced fibrous tissue formation
Anit-infalmmatory action
Increased vascular and nerve activity

Far Infrared Heat: The heat that we use in our office is far infrared heat which is the deepest heat penetration available to help heal tissue.

Non-surgical Spinal Decompression: NSSD creates a negative disc pressure and helps to remove pressure off of the nerve. It also provides a slow stretch of the muscles which fires up the spinal cord to increase firing of brain. (Coming Soon)

Interactive Metronome: Computer-based program that uses visual, auditory and motor stimulation to increase firing of the brain. (www.interactivemetronome.com)

Once we have run the necessary tests to determine your specific condition, we can successfully treat you via proper neurological and all natural nutritional protocols.

Dr. Castelli is not a medical doctor and does not advise his patients to stop taking their medications, nor does he advise them on the dosage and administration of their medications. This is to be discussed with the prescrivbing physician. However, many patients have had successful outcomes, which has allowed their doctors to reduce or eliminate their medicatiions completely.